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All of our communities will feature high-quality amenities like a Community Center and Storage Sheds. Plus, some of our communities will have additional features that are unique to that particular location:

  • Community Center
  • 3-Car Driveway
  • Community Pool
    (Availability May Vary)
  • Playground and/or Green Space
  • Direct to Home High Speed Internet
  • Private Storage Shed
  • Fitness Center
    (Availability May Vary)
  • Soccer Field
    (Availability May Vary)
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Benefits of
Manufactured Housing

With the cost of housing on the rise, finding quality, affordable housing can be challenging, and, until now, you may not have considered the option of manufactured housing. Below we outline some of the benefits of a manufactured home over other types of housing.



The cost of a manufactured single-family home is nearly half the price of a single-family
site-built home.


Built to Hud Standards

Homes are constructed in a climate-controlled environment away from the elements. This allows for very little waste, no warping of wood, and no building delays due to weather.


Reduced Wait Time

Manufactured homes take less time to produce, therefore reducing your waiting time to move into your new home.